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SN type medium open pump

SN type medium open pump

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SN type medium open pump

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First, product overview:
The axial middle open volute double suction centrifugal pump is a high-performance pump imported from Germany's advanced technology. Through using the prototype impeller and the modified impeller and its cutting, the pump is full of broad spectrum and high efficiency. In the range of type spectrum performance, the pump can provide the water pump to meet the needs of the user at any flow head point. The pump adopts the best hydraulic model of self balancing axial force and radial force at home and abroad. It has stable performance, high efficiency, compact structure, small vibration, high pressure resistance of pump body and convenient installation and maintenance.
Two. The scope of application:
It is suitable for waterworks, irrigation, drainage pumping stations, power stations, air conditioning and circulating water, industrial water supply system, fire control system, ship industry, oil refining system, mining and other liquids.
Three. The characteristics of the product:
1. Built-in sealing lubrication structure: pump built-in sealing lubrication structure, sealing circulating water on the pump sealing system lubrication, flushing more direct and effective.
2, the appearance is beautiful: the linear appearance and the strong reinforcement on the pump cover, the built-in seal lubrication structure makes the whole structure of the pump integrated, and the flexible structure design makes the pump more elegant and generous.
3, high efficiency: using CFD to calculate the fluid dynamics, analyze and calculate the distribution of pressure and velocity distribution in the pump, optimize the flow path design of the pump, ensure the pump has a high efficiency hydraulic line, and improve the efficiency of the pump. The pump body is designed with double channel to reduce the radial force. The flow passage parts of pump body, pump cover and impeller are molded by resin sand plate, which ensures the appearance, flow passage size and hydraulic efficiency of the pump. The pump efficiency is 3 to 5% higher than that of the general double suction pump, and the cavitation performance is also improved obviously. This will save a lot of money for the users.
4, balance accuracy is high: rotor parts dynamic balancing accuracy is G1.0.
5, shaft: short and rigid shaft, increase axial diameter to extend the service life of bearings and mechanical seals. The shaft is a fully sealed structure, ensuring that it does not contact with the medium, does not rust, and has a long service life.
6, double volute: high lift pump adopts double volute structure to reduce radial force.
Four. Technical parameters:

Lift: 5-180m;
Flow: 120-11600m3/h;
Power: 18.5-2000kW;
Speed: 740-2900r/min;
Export diameter: 100-800mm;
Temperature range: less than 105 degrees centigrade.

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