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DMC type stainless steel magnetic pump

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DMC type stainless steel magnetic pump

First, an overview
In many fields, such as oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic and so on, more and more manufacturers require the medium without leakage. The ideal pump type is urgently needed. The DMC series stainless steel magnetic pump produced by our company absorbs the new technology, new materials and new technology of the leading level magnetic pump at home and abroad. Successfully solved the current domestic magnetic pump isolation sleeve, impeller and other components easily damaged technical problems, so that its performance is more perfect. DMC, DMC series of stainless steel magnetic pump through the use of a long time of production continuous operation test, more and more users are convinced that they are the most safe, the most reliable pump, we will continue to provide more quality services for the vast number of users.
The DMC type stainless steel magnetic pump is a new type of pump which uses the working principle of permanent magnetic coupling without contact. When the original motive drives the external magnetic steel rotor, the inner magnetic steel rotor is synchronously rotated through the magnetic field, and the inner magnetic steel rotor and the impeller are joined together to achieve the purpose of rotating the impeller without contact. Because the liquid is closed in the static isolation sleeve, the magnetic pump is a completely closed, leakless pump type, so it completely eliminated the unavoidable running, running, dropping, leakage of the mechanical seal centrifugal pump.
Two, use
The overflow parts of the pump are made of stainless steel (304, 316L). It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, environmental protection, water treatment, national defense and other departments. It is an ideal equipment for transporting flammable, explosive, toxic and valuable liquids, and is the best choice for the creation of a leakless and pollution-free civilized vehicle.
Three. Applicable temperature
The normal application temperature of the pump is less than 120 degrees. If the high temperature medium is needed, it can be used as a high temperature type (DMC type). The suitable temperature can be over 200 degrees.
Four, product characteristics
The overflow part of the pump is full of stainless steel. It has good corrosion resistance to organic acid, organic compound, alkali, neutral solution and many kinds of gas. The grinding of double spiral groove carbon graphite bearing and hard alloy shaft sleeve has strong wear resistance and ensures the life of the product. It is an ideal pump for leakage and corrosive medium.
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